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Explore Hangsen’ s Latest European E-liquid Solutions and New Products at The Vaper Expo UK 2024 Explore Hangsen’ s Latest European E-liquid Solutions and New Products at The Vaper Expo UK 2024

Explore Hangsen’ s Latest European E-liquid Solutions and New Products at The Vaper Expo UK 2024

PRODUCTS 2024-05-21

As the global leader in e-liquid flavour solutions, Hangsen specialises in pioneering vape flavours and cutting-edge e-liquid vaporization technology. At the 2024 Vaper Expo UK, Hangsen showcased its latest innovations in European e-liquid solutions and related products.


How Can Hangsen Help European Clients Build Their Own Brand

In response to evolving market conditions and regulatory changes, we have comprehensively upgraded our bottled e-liquid solutions in 2024 to better serve our European clients.

This upgraded solution includes a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain service, making it more efficient for clients to enter the European e-liquid market. Key components include white-label TPD e-liquid solutions, private label e-liquid solutions, TPD compliance services, supply chain management, brand design services, and logistics services.

Learn more about Hangsen European E-liquid Solutions.



Discover New Released Flavours

At the vape show, we unveiled a series of innovative flavours from BAR series, designed to offer consumers novel and exciting taste experiences.

Exploring the Features of BAR Series E-liquid

In 2022, we pioneered the launch of the latest BAR series vape juice in the United Kingdom, creating a sensation throughout the vape market. Renowned for its flavours reminiscent of the best disposable vape bars, this series effectively reduces the vaping costs for users who prefer disposable flavours while also being environmentally friendly.

The BAR series has created new growth points in the e-liquid market, especially following the decline of disposable vapes, with many consumers seeking alternatives. We have helped numerous brands overcome operational challenges through this series. Looking ahead to a more environmentally friendly market trend, we recommend clients try the BAR series of white-label e-liquids, unlocking new wealth opportunities for you.

Learn more about BAR Series Products.

Exploring Our Poland R&D and Manufacturing Centre


Established in 2013, the Hangsen Poland R&D and Manufacturing Centre is the only e-liquid factory in Europe set up by a Chinese company. This centre boasts an integrated "R&D + production" capability, allowing for the rapid customization of e-liquid formulas and large-scale production.

Thanks to its unique geographical advantages, the Hangsen Poland R&D and Manufacturing Centre plays a crucial role in the European supply chain. It significantly reduces the product development cycle for European customers and lowers cross-border logistics costs, offering an efficiency that other e-liquid manufacturers cannot match.

4 Major Advantages of Manufacturing in Poland


· Reduced Average Order Fulfilment Time by 30%

· Synchronization with Chinese Flavouring Ingredients to Meet Diverse Customization Needs

· Cost Reduction of Approximately 10% by Minimizing Transportation and Tariff Expenses

· European Manufacturing: Crafting the Made in EU Label

Experience the World’s Ultimate E-liquid Technology


The products and solutions we presented showcase the epitome of Hangsen's e-liquid technology. We have achieved significant advancements in e-liquid application development and electronic device compatibility.

In the future, we will remain committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We will continue to advance our research in e-liquid technologies, striving to deliver increasingly innovative e-liquid products to e-cigarette businesses and consumers worldwide.

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Hangsen is a world-leading e-liquid manufacturer, offering custom flavor solutions for vape devices and premium white-label e-liquid services. Our e-liquids are renowned for their high consistency, stability, safety, and regulatory compliance. With business operations spanning over 80 countries and regions worldwide, Hangsen continues to set industry standards.