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Middle East - An Emerging Vaping Market with Unlimited Potential Middle East - An Emerging Vaping Market with Unlimited Potential

Middle East - An Emerging Vaping Market with Unlimited Potential

PRODUCTS 2024-06-12

The Middle East, represented by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is one of the fastest-growing vaping markets globally. Due to the underdeveloped local vape brands, there is still a vast development space for external enterprises.


In the developed regions of the Middle East, the per capita GDP exceeds $50,000. Since 2016, countries have begun to legalize e-cigarettes. High per capita income and gradually improving laws and regulations have laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of key vaping markets.


Insights into the Middle East Market


The development of various regions in the Middle East is uneven, but the number of smokers is large. The market as a whole is characterized by youthfulness, diversity, and a male-dominated population. These characteristics provide unique advantages for the promotion of e-cigarette products in the Middle East market.


Large Population


The population of the Middle East and North Africa region totals 490 million, with the Middle East alone exceeding 300 million. Such a large population base provides vast development space for the vaping market. Particularly in some countries, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the large population and high smoking rates provide a solid foundation for the market expansion of e-cigarette products.

Male-Dominated Population


In most Middle Eastern countries, the male population far exceeds the female population. For example, in the UAE, over 70% of the population is male. This gender ratio requires special consideration in the market promotion and brand positioning of e-cigarette products. Male consumers tend to prefer high-performance and technologically advanced e-cigarette products, which poses new requirements for e-cigarette brands in terms of product development and marketing strategies.

Youthful Demographic


About 50-70% of the population in the Middle East is under 30 years old. This young group is highly receptive to new technologies and products and has a strong demand for fashionable and personalized products. E-cigarette products precisely cater to their consumption needs and habits. This youthful trend makes the Middle East market an ideal target for vape brands. Young consumers' demand for e-cigarette products is not only reflected in quantity but also in high demands for product innovation and brand experience.


High GDP


In many Middle Eastern countries, the per capita GDP exceeds $50,000, such as in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. High-income levels provide a strong economic foundation for the consumption of e-cigarette products. The market characteristics of high purchasing power mean that high-end e-cigarette products have broad development prospects in the Middle East. Consumers' high purchasing power indicates that they are more willing to try new products and have higher requirements for product quality and brand.


Middle Eastern Vaping Market Scale

The estimated size of the Middle East vaping market in 2024 shows that Saudi Arabia's market size will reach $219 million, making it the largest vaping market in the Middle East. Egypt's market size is expected to be $123 million, followed by the UAE at $53 million. Despite the smaller scale, the high purchasing power and market acceptance in the UAE provide significant development opportunities for brands. Overall, the Middle East e-cigarette market is growing rapidly, and it is expected to continue its high-speed development in the coming years, attracting more international brands to enter and invest.


Which Middle Eastern Countries Have Completed E-Cigarette Compliance?


The regulations for vaping markets vary across Middle Eastern countries, but most major markets, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait, have achieved the legalization of e-cigarette products in recent years, providing regulatory guarantees for the healthy development of the market.







Saudi Arabia

























Not Legislated



Import Banned















The Vibrant Middle Eastern Vaping Market

Markets represented by the UAE and Saudi Arabia are characterized by significant inclusiveness and openness. The consumer group in this market is mainly composed of young people, who have a high acceptance of new brands and products and pursue more personalized and fashionable product experiences.


Overall, open-system devices are still the mainstream products in the Middle Eastern market, accounting for more than 70%. However, in the recent UAE market, high-puff disposable vapes are growing rapidly, especially high-nicotine salt products with a capacity of more than 12ml and over 10,000 puffs.


Diverse Needs of the E-liquid Market


In the Saudi and UAE markets, most freebase products are sold in 60ml bottles, while nicotine salts are mainly sold in 30ml bottles. The proportion of freebase products is slightly higher than that of nicotine salt products. However, in the neighboring Egyptian market, the bottled product market is entirely dominated by freebase products.


Flavor Preferences


Due to the influence of disposable vapes, the most sold flavors in the Middle Eastern market are still fruits and fruit-ice combinations. Additionally, dessert flavors are very popular in the UAE, while Saudi Arabia and Egypt significantly prefer tobacco flavors.


These flavor preferences reflect the cultural and consumption habits of different markets. Brands need to adjust their product formulas according to local consumers' tastes and preferences to better meet market demand when entering the Middle Eastern market. Understanding and researching consumers' flavor preferences is crucial for brands to stand out in a competitive market.


How to Assist Vape Brand Enterprises in Creating Hit Products for the Middle East


Hangsen provides comprehensive Middle Eastern e-liquid solutions, helping customers quickly develop hit e-liquid products that meet local market demands. This includes: bottled e-liquid solutions, pre-filled e-liquid solutions, brand and packaging design services, compliance support, and logistics services.


Middle East E-Liquid Flavor Collection

Our Middle East e-liquid flavor collection offers up to 44 different flavors to meet various consumer needs and preferences. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to ensure the best quality and experience.

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Why Hangsen


1. Expert-Level Product Development Team

Hangsen's product experts have rich experience in device development and can help optimize flavor and device performance. The flavoring team, specializing in food engineering and chemical engineering, has an average of 6.5 years of industry experience. This experienced team can develop high-quality e-cigarette products based on market demand, ensuring products have a competitive edge in a fierce market.


2. E-liquid and Device Compatibility Technology

Through bidirectional compatibility optimization of the device and e-liquid, Hangsen assists manufacturers in refining the flavor from the hardware development stage. This dual compatibility technology ensures the overall performance of the product, thereby enhancing user experience and increasing market competitiveness.


3.  Application and Development Technology of E-liquid

By finely applying various sweeteners, coolants, flavors, nicotine, and other ingredients, Hangsen makes the vaporization aroma richer, more stable, and longer-lasting. By continuously optimizing formulas, enterprises can provide products that better meet consumers' tastes, further increasing market share.


4. Computer-aided Flavor Formula Development System

An efficient coordinated development platform can achieve automated risk control warnings and flavor data analysis reports. Through an intelligent system, enterprises can respond more quickly to market changes, optimize product formulas, and maintain a leading position in a competitive market.


Looking Forward to Meeting You at the World Vape Show 2024!

From June 12 to 14, 2024, we look forward to welcoming you at booth 7110B. At this exhibition, we will present more customized product information and related services for the Middle Eastern market.

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