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Hangsen European E-Liquid OEM Solutions: How Can Hangsen Assist You in Launching an E-Liquids Business in the EU Hangsen European E-Liquid OEM Solutions: How Can Hangsen Assist You in Launching an E-Liquids Business in the EU

Hangsen European E-Liquid OEM Solutions: How Can Hangsen Assist You in Launching an E-Liquids Business in the EU

PRODUCTS 2024-04-29

As The Vaper Expo UK 2024 approaches, Hangsen leverages insights from the European market to optimize and upgrade our "European E-Liquid Solution" to better align with the requirements of this region. We are committed to helping clients navigate the evolving market landscape and successfully enter the European e-liquid market. This comprehensive enhancement covers services such as product solutions, supply chain management, logistics services, test & analysis, product & brand design, and compliance. Through these efforts, we aim to provide our customers with an enhanced, safer, and superior service experience.

In this article, you will learn:


· European E-cigarette Market Background and Opportunities

· Issues and Challenges in the European Market

· Hangsen European E-liquid Solutions

1. European E-cigarette Market Background and Opportunities


Europe, with the UK at the forefront, ranks second globally in the e-cigarette market, trailing only behind North America. Open systems have long dominated the European market, a reflection of the traditionally conservative consumer behavior in Europe. However, since 2020, the growing popularity of disposable products has begun to reshape the market landscape, presenting new opportunities.

In the UK alone, the e-cigarette market reached US$1,961 million in 2023, with disposable products accounting for about 52%, with an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 16.17%. France, Germany, and Italy follow suit, with market sizes of US$1,683 million, US$898 million, and US$817 million respectively. Recent regulatory shifts, including the proposal by several EU countries to ban disposable vapes, will pose unprecedented challenges for most e-cigarette companies. However, these transitions also present new development opportunities. Implementing a disposable vape ban will create a significant demand gap, expanding the market space for e-liquid, open-system devices, and refillable devices.


For customers interested in entering the European market, collaboration with reputable suppliers to produce superior-quality products is crucial. Hangsen is committed to helping more clients capitalize on opportunities in the European market by providing professional industry solutions to create premium e-liquid products.

2. Issues and Challenges


E-Cigarette Regulations and Licensing


Before entering the European market, it is crucial to fully understand and comply with local e-cigarette policies and regulations. In addition to conventional business licences, companies must obtain the necessary licenses from health authorities or inspection bodies in various European countries for e-cigarettes.


For example, in the UK, e-cigarette brand companies must pass the related product authorization certification as per the regulatory rules of the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Tobacco and Related Products Regulation (TRPR).


For non-professional certification agencies, navigating the certification process can be complex and time-consuming. This involves understanding regional differences and possessing relevant operational experience. Additionally, the actual implementation of Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) varies across different EU countries, which can affect the progress of certification applications. Therefore, partnering with a seasoned professional agency will facilitate smoother and more efficient process.

Project Investment Cost


Compared to the vape business, the initial investment in the e-liquid business is relatively low. You only need a small amount of capital to prepare products, obtaining TPD certification, and brand promotion. The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the product typically stands at 2,000 bottles. This quantity supports various combinations of flavours and nicotine concentrations, as well as custom brand packaging. While selecting reputable suppliers during product preparation is essential, although high-quality suppliers often mean higher manufacturing costs, it also helps ensure product quality and compliance, enhances sales channels and consumer trust, and saves significant hidden costs.

Despite the intense competition in the European vaping market, it remains in a phase of rapid development, offering substantial business opportunities. By creating superior products and implementing reasonable business strategies, companies can still capture the attention of local consumers and secure significant profits.

Cross-Industry Customers

As the European e-cigarette market expands, it has started to attract attention from companies outside the traditional vaping sector. Companies like 3C electronics accessories dealers, traditional tobacco distributors, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) companies, and traditional retailers are eyeing opportunities to break into this emerging industry. However, establishing an e-liquid brand and launching an e-cigarette business in Europe presents unique challenges, as the e-cigarette industry differs significantly from other industries. Before venturing into this market, it is crucial to thoroughly understand and prepare for potential issues and challenges.


Here are some challenges you may encounter:


· Product Competitiveness: How can you develop products that resonate with local consumer preferences?

· Product Compliance: What strategies can you implement to efficiently achieve TPD/TRPR compliance certification?


· Supply Chain Management: How can you ensure a stable and reliable supply chain for your products?

· Brand Building and Marketing: What approaches can you take to create a compelling and attractive brand?

· Logistics Transportation: How can you guarantee the safety and timeliness of cross-border logistics?


If these challenges seem daunting, don't worry, Hangsen offers comprehensive solutions to assist and support customers interested in entering the European market. In the following sections, I will elaborate on Hangsen European OEM E-liquid Solutions, designed to navigate these complexities effectively.


3. Hangsen European E-Liquid Solutions

Our solutions encompass end-to-end supply chain services. Key aspects include White Label TPD E-liquid Solutions, Private Label E-liquid Solutions, TPD Compliance Services, Supply Chain Management, Brand Design Services, and Logistics Services.


White Label TPD Certified E-Liquid Solution


Product success depends on consumer satisfaction. High-quality e-liquid is evaluated on its flavour performance, stability, device compatibility, and ingredient safety. Hangsen,'s TPD white-label products adhere to these standards, providing exceptional and stable vaping performance.


As a global industry leader, Hangsen has secured more than 1,000 TPD-certified products since implementing the TPD regulation in 2015. These products have received acclaim in the European market, winning over millions of European consumers. With our TPD white-label product solution, you can significantly reduce product development time, streamline regulatory application processes, and accelerate product launch.


BAR Series Nicotine Salts E-Liquid

To uphold the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, and meet the needs of disposable e-cigarette consumers, Hangsen first launched the BAR series e-liquid solutions in 2022. The series has been well-received in the European market and has become one of the top-selling categories in the European e-liquid sector. As the creator of the BAR series, Hangsen's profound expertise in disposable vape flavours has established it as the world's largest OEM supplier in this category. 

If you're facing challenges in selecting a product, consider Hangsen's authentic BAR series white label e-liquids. This will enable you to develop products that resonate with European consumers quickly.

Learn more about BAR Series Products.

Private-Label E-Liquid Solutions

We offer unique flavour formula design and development for customers seeking brand differentiation. This service involves market research, flavour customization, vape device compatibility optimization, testing, validation, optimization tuning, product safety risk assessment, etc.


Our strengths include:


Expert-Level Product Development Team


Hangsen's product development team comprises skilled product managers with backgrounds in vape device development and flavourists with backgrounds in chemical and food engineering. They possess profound theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience in atomization principles and the adaptation of vape devices. This team is distinguished in the industry for its unique integration of expertise in "vape device optimization technology", "e-liquid development technology" and "customer demand communication capabilities", providing first-class professional services for customized e-liquid development.


Intelligent Formula Development System

Hangsen's independently developed computer-aided formula development system is an online formula data management platform with intelligent product development assistance. The system enhances the efficiency of the product development team, elevates the quality of product delivery, and supports the team by providing rapid and efficient development services through agile development mode.


The system holds exclusive technical patents, marking Hangsen as a pioneer in the field of e-cigarette R&D and manufacturing. It has several innovative functions, including online formula data transfer, global flavour data analysis, automated ingredient blending, formula risk control (including threshold control of high-risk ingredients, non-compliant substance detection, risk assessment after reaction between ingredients), precise formula ingredient tuning, and query formula version data. The system has achieved several technological innovations in the industry and solved precision control problems and potential risk screening problems that cannot be realized by manual operation in traditional development modes.


Vape Device Compatibility Technology

Since its establishment in 2009, Hangsen has emerged as one of the world's leading manufacturers of e-liquids. As of 2024, we have produced approximately 800 million bottles of e-liquid. Unlike many Chinese e-liquid manufacturers that focus solely on one-to-one customization for closed-system e-cigarettes, our strength lies in our extensive experience in developing e-liquids for open-system vapes. Supported by a wealth of compatible data and mature open-system device compatibility technology, Hangsen e-Liquids ensure optimal atomization performance in the majority of popular open-system vapes, setting us apart from our competitors.


TPD/TRPR Compliance Services

Regulatory requirements for e-cigarettes can vary slightly across European countries. Most EU countries adhere to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations, while the United Kingdom requires compliance with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) based on the TPD regulations. These regulations cover requirements such as product registration, packaging, labeling, nicotine concentration, among others. The application process for these regulations typically takes 3-6 months, and both the application requirements and fees may vary slightly by country. It is important to note that collaborating with non-professional organizations can lead to application failures, potentially delaying optimal product launch timing.

As the first domestic e-liquid manufacturer to apply for TPD products, Hangsen has launched over 1,000 TPD-certified product SKUs since 2015. This experience has allowed us to streamline the TPD application process and accelerating product GTM plans.


If you are planning to introduce a brand-new product not registered under TPD, our well-established compliance application process will offer you with professional and efficient TPD compliance services. These services include CNAS laboratory testing service (HPLC, GC), TPD (TRPR) registration service, MSDS document service, REACH and CLP consultation service, UFI registration service and notification renewal service.


Supply Chain Management

For brands seeking OEM services, the effectiveness of the supply chain is crucial in determining products quality. Hangsen has a mature supply chain management system that ensures stability and high-quality delivery of the supply chain. Currently, our manufacturing center has achieved efficient management of the supply chain through processes such as demand forecasting, supply chain planning, procurement and supplier management, inventory management, logistics management, order management, and risk management.

Additionally, we combine traceability systems with authoritative international quality system standards such as ISO9001, HACCP, and GMP to ensure the stability and reliability of supply chain services, providing customers with reliable e-liquid OEM services.


Brand Design Services

Creating an attractive brand image is crucial for the success of any e-liquid business. An effective brand design not only captures the brand's essence but also provides unique emotional value that resonates with consumers, thereby attracting attention and fostering loyalty among the target audience. If your company lacks brand design capabilities, Hangsen's marketing team is here to help. With extensive experience in the e-cigarette industry and professional design skills, we offer comprehensive brand design services. Our team will assist you in developing a compelling brand image and eye-catching product packaging. We help clients build a strong brand influence through services such as market research, product positioning and planning, brand image design, and product packaging design. This strategic approach lays a solid foundation for successful market entry and helps in building lasting relationships with your customers.

Logistics Services


Cross-border logistics plays a critical role in the supply chain management for the e-cigarette industry, directly influencing the efficiency of brand expansion and the effectiveness of sales channels. For emerging brands, supply delays during peak sales periods can result in decreased sales turnover and customer and potentially lead to consumer loss, causing significant damage to the business. As a leader in the e-cigarette industry, Hangsen has a highly mature global logistics system and collaborates with professional and reliable logistics partners worldwide. Regardless of your location (limited to compliant areas), we guarantee the safe and efficient delivery direct to you.


Hangsen's European OEM e-liquid solution is designed to meet the specific needs of the European market, offering comprehensive product supply chain services. By partnering with Hangsen, you gain access to high-quality e-liquid products that utilize top-notch atomization technology globally and strictly adhere to quality control processes. Our commitment to exquisite production techniques and a steadfast pursuit of excellence, makes Hangsen the ideal partner in the e-cigarette business. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in developing the best strategic approaches to navigate the dynamic market environment, ensuring maximized profit returns.



Q: How will I establish my sales channels and distribution network locally as a new brand?

A: Establishing sales channels and a distribution network can seem daunting, especially for a new brand. However, there are steps you can take to simplify the process. If you already have established sales channels in other industries, leverage that advantage by aligning your products with their characteristics.

But if you’re starting from scratch, consider beginning with e-commerce channels. Contact prominent local e-commerce platforms and entice potential channel partners to collaborate with you. Offer free samples and favorable payment terms for stock-on-hand to attract their interest.

Additionally, Hangsen has forged strong channel partnerships in several European countries, offering you valuable support as you embark on your business journey.

Q: How much are the TPD compliance registration fees in Europe?

A: Registration fees vary across European countries. For example, Germany does not impose registration fees. However, random product testing may occur, and if your company is selected, you will be responsible for covering the testing fees.

Certain countries do charge fees, such as France (€225 per SKU), Italy (€150 per SKU), and the UK (€150 per SKU), among others. The highest fee is in Luxembourg, where it amounts to €5,000 per SKU.

Some countries have implemented tiered fees, as seen in Poland, where application fees vary based on the size of the company:

· For micro and small companies: 1,766.40 PLN (approximately 375 EUR)

· For medium-sized companies: 2,944.40 PLN (approximately 627 EUR)

· For large companies: 5,888.80 PLN (approximately 1,255 EUR)

Additionally, some countries require annual maintenance fees, including Slovenia, Latvia, Denmark, etc. (Please contact us for further details.)

Q: What are the benefits of a white-label solution for my e-liquid business?

A: White-label solutions offer several advantages, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness compared to private-label services. 

Here’s why:

1. Accelerated GTM (Go-To-Market) Speed

Avoid the need for extensive preparation of compliance-related documents like MSDS, saving time on lengthy application processes.

2. More Cost-Effective

By opting for a white-label solution, you can bypass additional compliance registration fees and the expenses associated with extensive lab testing.

3. Premium Quality

White-label products are often market-validated, ensuring you receive products of a premium standard right from the start.

Q: How long does it typically take from sample confirmation to product launch?

A: White-label e-liquid has a shorter lead time and orders can be delivered to your country as quickly as one month. Private label services take longer as they involve testing, and product compliance registration, which typically takes 6–8 months. Therefore, we suggest starting your business with white-label products.

Q: Is the brand design service free of charge?

A: Both brand design and packaging design services are completely free of charge. We offer three version packaging proposals: Starter, Standard, and Premium, all of which include a full range of design services from brand identity to product labels and packaging box design. However, before availing of our services, it’s essential to ensure that your order meets our minimum order quantity requirements and that you’ve signed a manufacturing contract.

Additionally, if you require custom 3D design for bottle shaping, there may be additional tooling costs incurred, which will need to be paid separately to the bottle manufacturer.

Q: Are e-liquid samples and customized flavour development services free of charge?

A: Yes, both our sample provision and flavour customization services are entirely complimentary. You can communicate your product flavour preferences to our sales and product teams. We will then provide suitable samples based on your requirements or engage in professionally customized development until your needs are met.

Feel free to Contact us at or leave a message on our Contact page.



Hangsen is a world-leading e-liquid manufacturer, offering custom flavor solutions for vape devices and premium white-label e-liquid services. Our e-liquids are renowned for their high consistency, stability, safety, and regulatory compliance. With business operations spanning over 80 countries and regions worldwide, Hangsen continues to set industry standards.