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Hangsen - U.S. R&D Center is Officially Operating in 2023 Hangsen - U.S. R&D Center is Officially Operating in 2023

Hangsen - U.S. R&D Center is Officially Operating in 2023

COMPANY 2023-12-11

Hangsen, the world leading e-liquid manufacturer, has officially launched its latest R&D center in California, USA, in 2023. This milestone not only marks Hangsen's further expansion into the international market but is also a significant manifestation of our customer-centered strategy. The center is dedicated to providing global customers with efficient and convenient custom e-liquid development services, including but not limited to e-liquid flavor development, device adaptation, product technical support, and business interfacing.

Customer-Centered Service Philosophy

Hangsen has always been centered around customer needs and driven by customer satisfaction. The US R&D center will continue this tradition. Equipped with advanced equipment and a professional team, the center is committed to providing highly personalized and customized services. By directly cooperating with customers, Hangsen can more accurately capture and meet various unique flavor requirements.

Time-saving Collaboration Model

The flavor trial service at the US R&D center and the mass production base in China have achieved perfect collaboration. This innovative model not only ensures product quality and consistency but also significantly improves the efficiency of project execution through transnational collaboration. Hangsen utilizes timely and effective information transmission and advanced process management systems to ensure efficient collaboration between teams in both locations, significantly shortening the product development cycle and greatly saving valuable time for customers.

Demonstrating Industry Leadership

The simultaneous operation of Hangsens US R&D center not only proves the company's leading position in the global vaporization industry but also showcases its continuously strengthening comprehensive capabilities. Hangsen will continue to commit to technological and model innovation, improve its global strategic layout, to meet the growing demands of the global market, and provide customers with more efficient and innovative solutions.

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